Rurouni Kenshin (るろうに剣心)

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It was from 1994-1999 when the Ruroni Kenshin was appeared in weekly Shonen Jump. It's been 15 years!∑(・ω・ノ)ノ (It's surprising that it doesn't seem such a long time ago).
Don't you see or hear about it recently? In fact, the live-action movie was released in summer 2012, and the sequel will be released in this summer 2014.♪ Because of that, the author published self-remake version of kinema commics (2 set) , there are more chances to see or hear it at the book stores recently.(>∀<)

The main character "Himura Kenshin" is a kind and little fatuous sword man. In fact, Kenshin was so called "legendary man the slayer" during Bakumatsu period and was afraid from people.(((゚Д゚))) The story is about Kenshin who was a man slayer once takes an oath "Not to Kill Anyone Anymore" after the Bakumatsu period and through the encounters with many attractive people, he faces his past as a killer and live the new life in the new era of Meiji.

Before Ruroni Kenshin was published, it was believed that historical theme especially Meiji period when a lot of changes happened during that time would be a hard theme to get popularity from readers. In addition to it, the drawing was different from what usually boys' comics' was and said it was like a girls' comics' drawing. However, as a result, it gained popularity.(*≧∀≦)
The one of the reasons why it gained popularity from the readers was its cool tricks of sword used by Kenshin and other charactors. When I was in an elementary school, most boys in my class mimicked the sword tricks. Most of them used broomsticks(oops, some people might guess my age from it!!) The most favored trick from the comics was Gatotsu.♪ Please see it in cartoon or comics.

Also, the Kenshin's story involves the actual historical incidents and people that gives great spices in it and that is my favorite part of it.(。・ω・。)♪ It's a mysterious feeling that you feel Meiji era familiar-close and as if Kenshin were actually lived in that era. Isn't it romantic? Because of Ruroni Kenshin, my history test scores of Meiji era were

There are many attractive characters in both men and women. My recommended favorite one is .... well I love all of them!! Of course, I love Kenshin's group but the opponents are also so attractive to pick one!! I will pick the maniac choice. Hijiri and Hirkaru!!。゚+.(・∀・)゚+.゚

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