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“Vanguard” is a TCG (trading card game) published by Bushiroad. This is a battle game using a deck of 50 cards, and takes place on a planet very similar to the earth called “Cray”. Many various units appear. A lot of famous illustrators are used for drawing card illustrations so the illustrations are one of the best parts to pay attention. “Vanguard” is popular among everyone, and it has more women’s fans than other TCG. (*^-^*)

One of the noteworthy titles is an anime series “Cardfight!! Vanguard” ♪ Fourth season “Legion Mate” will be aired in spring 2014 and in fall 2014, a long-awaited movie will come out! Finally we can see Aichi, Kai and other characters on a big screen! ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ hooray!!

I have watched anime since 1st season, I recommend you 3rd season “Link Joker”! This season is mainly about a school life. Aichi becomes a high school student and he gathers members and makes a Vanguard club, then they fight with rivals from other schools. Many exciting story lines are waiting for you! If you watch this anime from the first, you feel Aichi’s growth very much and touched…(TωT) I was about to cry… At the last half of 3rd season, there is another threat “Link Joker” appears, so the story turns to crisis. Exciting fights go on and on, so you cannot miss them!!

According to a magazine, voice actors and actresses do the vanguard fight before and after the recording at a studio. Among casts, “Takuya Sato” as Toshiki Kai is the strongest fighter. You are the man, Kai!

My favorite character is Ren Suzugamori who is regarded as “Ren-sama”! (●´ω`●) He is a rival of a protagonist Aichi and Kai, but Ren’s super strength and attractiveness grab your heart! He also cares about team mates, so I can easily understand Asaka’s feeling for Ren. (/д\*))

You can enjoy “Vanguard” in many ways such as TCG, anime, manga, radio, events, and so on. I’m looking forward to future development! ヽ(^◇^*)/

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