Chou Jigen Game Neptune (超次元ゲイム ネプテューヌ)

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The greatest chracteristic of this anime is most of characters and terms starting with the name of the world are game term or anthropomorophized real game makers and gardwares. I suppose this is the first trial in game industry. I think the person who put together this anime is craze in a good sense. People cannot come up with this idea in general. Blurb of this anime is “Anthropomorphism! * Moe! * Transformation!”.

The content of this anime is that anthropomorphized game hardware characters and the goddes of Sendai are engaged in mortal combat. Its setting and content are serious. It depicts characters unsually. Those indivisuality of characters make the anime more fun. Gamindustri is very attractive with mature Lolita, a girl with sexy garter belt, very blonde girl and large-breasted girl. I wish if I can visit there.

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