Hanamura Yosuke

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Hanamura Yosuke

Yosuke is Yu 's classmate and a son of Junes Yasoi naba megastore, headphone on the neck is his trademark.

After Konishi Saki, whom he admires was involved in mysterious murder, he seeks for the truth of this case along with Yu.

Normally he is cheerful, but he had darkness in his mind that he cannot find a place for himself.
However, he obtains Persona by overcoming it.

His Persona is Jiraiya, he fights with two swords.

He trusts Yu, at first he was calling Yu by the last name, but later he calls Yu by his first name.
In contrast with Yu, he is cheerful and a mood maker, but sometimes he makes irrelevant comments.

As he gets along with Yu in the story, they are often found together in Doujinshi , too.

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