Narukami Yu

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Narukami Yu

Narukami Yu is a main character of Persona 4. Narukami Yu is a name only for Anime, and in the game there is no particular name, so you can put any name you like.

Due to reasons of his parents' work, he came to stay at his uncles house, he goes to Yasogami high school, make friends likeYosuketo deepen their friendship.
He teams up an Investigation Team with his friends to solve serial murder in town and mysteries of another world, and utilizing Persona ability, he challenges to disclose truth.

Initial Personal of Yu is Izanagi, but because of his "Wild Card" ability, he can use various kinds of Personas.

Usually he is calm and quiet, works as a leader of Investigation Team, but he really loves his cousin Nanako and his character drastically changes. The gap between his characters is very insteresting.
As the story goes on, especially his friendship with Yosuke deepens, the become so close as they call each other by the first name, and he is often seen with Yosuke in Doujinshi , too.

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