Himekaidou Hatate

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・Himekaidou Hatate

Abilities:Spirit photography
Theme song:The Youkai Mountain ~ Mysterious Mountain

Himekaidou Hatate is a main character of Double Spoiler ~ Touhou Bunkachou.
She is a karasutengu,and live in monster mountain.

She is a newspaper reporter same as Shameimaru Aya,and publishes 'kakashi nenpou'.
But her paper is lack of freshness,so she suffers for its little sales.
So,she rackon Shameimaru Aya as a rival,Aya not quite write good article but gets to boost sales.

Against Shameimaru Aya uses single-lens reflex camera,she uses the camera of a mobile phone.
Also she can use her ability for psychic photography, and usually she stays in her room and write newspaper articles. For that reason she is sometimes called as stay-at-home among fans.
In Touhou where there are many old fashoned looking characters, she is unusually modern character and her peronality is close to it of students nowadays.

In Doujinshi, of course she often appears with Shameimaru Aya.
There are books setting her as an enemy, and books of her, Shameimaru Aya and her Tengu fellow Inubashiri Momiji as three main characters. In Touhou, she is a rare orthodox twin tail character, so if you like it, you can't miss it.

She is often with characters like Shameimaru Aya, Inubashiri Momiji, Kawashiro Nitori , etc.

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