Enoshima Junko

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Enoshima Junko is Super High School Level Gyaru. She clearly shows her emotions, she says whatever comes to her mind or act without thinking deeply.

However, many fans fall in love with her honest personality, and she is widely known as a charismatic model in fashion magazine. Even immediately after being confined in school, she becomes close with Makoto and shows her smile despite of gloomy situation.

Personally I like her sexy way of wearing uniform... nice body...!

In fact she is a popular character and release of her figure is planned before Kyouko and Chiaki!

I cannot write in here, but she actually shows her "charismatic" performance in the game!

Especially she tries her best in the first episode, so I recommend that you actively talk to her in the first episode! Personally I love Sayaka as well, so please talk to her, too!

Actually she and one person appear in the preques novel called ZERO! When Anime starts, the entire world will notice her attraction!

Anyways, let's observe her performance in the first episode!

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