Love Live! Sunshine!! (ラブライブ! サンシャイン!!)

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In a small high school near a sea, 9 girls led by a second-year high school student Takami Chika stand up with a big dream.

Their dream is to become shining “School Idols”!

Love Live! Sunshine!! is an anime which shares the same world with the legendary anime “Love Live!

“School Idols” mean high school students getting together and acting as idols. They are nor celebrities or singers, but just normal high school students, appealing their school and hometown through singing and dancing etc.!
Don’t despise them as students! The performance of School Idols gives energy and courage to many people. μ's, who appeared in the previous work “Love Live!”, gained enough popularity to make a live show in New York, to get reported by a foreign TV company!

After a while of the popularity of μ's calmed…a girl living in a countryside in Japan, Takami Chika, who is the main character of this anime, is very impressed with the live performance of μ's in Akihabara and decides to make her own school idol group in her school, called “Aqours”!

A second-year lively and cheerful yet a bit reckless leader: Takami Chika.
A second-year Chika’s best friend who is caring and good at sports: Watanabe You
A second-year transfer student from the school of μ's (Otonokizaka High School) who is good at composing: Sakurauchi Riko

A first-year student calling herself “Fallen Angel Yohane”: Tsushima Yoshiko
A first-year student who is afraid of strangers and shy yet super cute: Kurosawa Ruby
A first-year student who is reliable although junior, and belongs to Choir Club: Kunikida Hanamaru

A third-year student with a great figure who is good at diving: Matsuura Kanan
A third-year student council president loving μ's crazily: Kurosawa Dia
A third-year student with blond semi-long hair who is a rich person’s daughter: Ohara Mari

These 9 students are the members of Aqours and working hard as School Idols!

In the previous Love Live!, there was a common goal of the team that “Let’s raise the reputation of our own school which is about to be closed!”. On the other hand, Love Live! Sunshine!! does not have such a big goal (this may be rude if I say like this).

However, the characters in Love Live! Sunshine!! have something on their minds and concerns. For example, the composing one Sakurauchi Riko has an experience that she was too nervous to play the piano in a piano presentation and needed to go down from the stage on the way. Since then, she was not able to play as she wants to, and decided to move to another school, where Chika and others are, with the idea that “the sea sound may change me in some ways”.

“There is nothing I can enjoy” - This idea of Riko is changed by Chika. However, to Riko wishing “I want to change”, Chika says, “You might get your smile back if you try with us? Because who get everyone to smile is School Idol!”. Chika invites Riko to Aqours like this. The result is…?

I think Love Live! Sunshine!! successfully follows the idea of Love Live! that “School Idols exist to get someone to smile”! Even if it is not such a big goal to prevent from getting their school closed, they are working hard to make someone important next to them smile!
Let’s keep watching at the activities of Aqours progressing more and more!!!

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