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Aizawa Shota is known as the Pro hero, “Eraserhead”, as well as the homeroom teacher of 1-A class at UA High School, where Midoriya Izuku, Bakugou Katsuki and Todoroki Shouto attend.

Birthday: November 8th. Age: 30 years old. Blood Type: B. Height: 183cm (≒6′ 0″) Aaand a cat lover(=^・・^=)
Being a rational person, he hates nothing but wasting time, which makes his appearance shabby with messy, long hair and stubble, and prefers to have jelly drink as his daily meals.
Since he has dry eyes, he always carries eye-drops.

His Quirk is “Erasure”. He is able to erase human only while he’s seeing their Quirks.
When he is engaged in his work as the hero, he wears goggles so nobody can see his eye movement. Also, he usually puts a belt-shaped weapon for catching the enemies, made from special materials, wrapped around his neck.
Doing so, he’s well-prepared even for close combat.
As for battles, his natural physical strength is necessary since he fights against the enemies after he erases their Quirks. Therefore, he’s welled-trained.

“Nothing is cruel to have them pursue their dreams only half way.” Having this way of thinking, he gets rid of what he thinks has “no prospect”. He has even expelled all the students in his class before. He is very proud of himself as the hero.

Despite such apathetic traits, Shota genuinely cares about his students and will go to great lengths to protect them; noticing the relationships, and worries, between each student!

This thoughtful attitude for each student is well-depicted in Episode 5, Season 1.
On the first day of the initial term for Class 1-A, the students took the Quirk Apprehension Test. Being said, “The one who acquires the worst score should be considered ‘no prospects’ and be expelled from school”, by Shota, the students tried so hard to get high scores, using each Quirk.
Among them, Midoriya Izuku, who just inherited his Quirk from All Might and were not able to master how to use it (If he actually uses it, he gets injured.), were having a hard time earning points.

Izuku decided to use his Quirk anyway even if he knew he would get hurt. When he was about to use his Quirk, Aizawa Shota gave him a strict remark. “If you are badly injured, people around you have to help you. You can never be the hero in that way.”

Thanks to the strict remark, Izuku was able to become calm and find the way of controlling his power, thinking how he could pass the test without being injured. Then the students were all able to pass the test.

When I watched this scene, I realized that he genuinely cares about his students, noticing even a little difference of each student.You will know what I’m talking about more clearly if you actually watch Episode 5 in Season 1! (You will also see him being so cool ~ so check it out!)”

One of the important elements as to the hero’s work is to name their original “Hero Name”. I really think his hero name “Eraserhead” sounds strong and cool!

Lastly, I think one of the best characteristics of his personality is a “GAP”. Despite such apathetic traits, he is also a teacher. Despite his lazy attitude in class, he makes it work when it’s really necessary! That’s beautiful, isn’t it?
Aizawa Shota’s charm is a “GAP”!

The Anime has currently aired to Season 2 and will air Season 3 in spring, 2018, and the movie comes out next summer!!! I cannot wait to see more about Aizawa Shota’s great work!Let’s watch how he will perform both as a teacher and as the hero together!!

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