Captain Tsubasa (キャプテン翼)

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“Captain Tsubasa” is of course a very popular soccer comic written by Yoichi Takahashi. The influence of this comic is so considerable that there are many professional soccer players in Japan has been very impressed by it. Moreover, it is famous and familiarly read in oversea as it has plenty of anecdotes. So I guess it is hardly necessary to introduce now, but please hear me out(;^_^) Simply, it is a story about boys who love soccer and grow up through soccer. The most attracted point of this story was… it was very ‘new’. Before “Captain Tsubasa”, the sport comics were pretty much based on fighting spirit in sport. However, the description of “Captain Tsubasa” was refreshing and enjoyable. Moreover, as soccer was still a minor sport in Japan, it contributed to its popularization and development by expressing attractive parts of soccer(´v`)=3

It started with main character, Tsubasa Ozora, meeting with Robert Hongo (his former teacher) at elementary school, and he was absorbed into soccer. It really is a very long story, so it is impossible to introduce everything here. But basically it describes friendship, effort, and victory, just like other stories introduced in Weekly Comics Jump. The performances of soccer were represented dynamically and jauntily, so its impact was very comfortable until the end(* `・ω・´) So many friends and rivals appear as story goes. Having them spicing up the story and watching Tsubasa simply enjoying and succeeding with soccer, readers certainly get into the story that there is no choice but to enjoy it together!!

Needless to say, my favorite character would be Tsubasa(;^_^) He is cheerful, positive, and does not spare any efforts to enjoy soccer. Also, his performances are so out of readers’ ideas that it is just simply attractive(´v`)=3 I think we can call him a ‘hero’ even though it is a sport comic!! The readers are entering into his life, emotions, performances, and everything about him, so their refreshment does not finish in approaching to story’s style. I think it is best to be totally immersed to Tsubasa, the best of best main character!

I must say that I was unable to introduce every interesting and attractive points of this story(;^_^) That is to say, it is such an overwhelming story with a long and deep history. So please do pick it up if you are interested at any level, and see and enjoy it with your own eyes!!

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