Sanada Yukimura (Sengoku Basara)

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Sanada Yukimura is a warrior with the hottest soul among BASARA.

He belongs to the Takeda army and adores Takeda Shingen. His motto is devoting himself to Lord Takeda, and they show hot-blooded love between a teacher and a student.

Ninja Sarutobi Sasuke is someone who watches over them even though he is amazed. Rather than with force, he uses his intellect in order to defeat his enemies.

Yukimura's rival is Date Masamune. Yukimura and Masamune have been fighting against each other since the early episodes.They do not fight out of hate, but they enjoy seeing each other grow as rivals. Especially, Yukimura adores Masamune. You can see how he grows as he is encouraged and praised by Lord Shingen throughtout the story.

Many Dojinshi magazines devote to Sasuke as much as Masamune. They are childhood buddies. Because of their master-servant relationship, they cannot reveal how they feel about each other. (Especially, Sasuke cannot express his feelings for his master. Yukimura is often depicted as insensitive.) There are many sad stories!

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