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School:captain of Hyoutei
Play style:All-rounder
Techniques:Rondo Towards Destruction,Atobe kingdom

He is the manager of the team in Hyotei Gakuen, the rival school.
He is an extreme narcissist with selfish personality who surely resembles a king.
Because of personality, Hyotei Gakuen tennis team does not have the vice-manager and is ruled solely by him.
He is fearless. Once he arrived in school by a paraglider to attract his fans.

He is not only genius at playing tennis but also he has built up his skills by effort. He beats his opponents by using any means necessary.
When he was a small child, he couldn't win in England. This experience was very painful to him. However, because of this, he developed his skills and mastered a his own style, such that he offend his opponent's weak point so that the opponent cannot hit the ball back to him.
In addition, he has become tough so that he could be advantageous in a long time game.

Unlike his character, he does dirty play too. However, he looks good because he just purely want to win the game.
This character enjoys enormous popularity, and he received nearly 10,000 chocolates from female readers on Valentine's day.

In doujinshi, he shows up with Echizen Ryoma, Kunimitsu Tezuka, and also Hiyoshi Wakashi, who is a candidate for next Teaching Assistance in school.

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