Kirari Moroboshi

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Kirari Moroboshi is a lovely pricess.

She is an idol with model like figure having 186.2 cm of height and B92/W65/H87/. Since she is 17 years old with attribute of passion, she is a very cheerful girl.

She is over cheerful!

She loves cute things so that she sometimes takes excessive personal contact with fellow idols by hugging small idol and rubbing her cheek. She appears with Futaba Anzu many occasions and this coupling also attracts many fans.

Her distinctive character is energetic performance.

She wants many other people to become happy by looking at her energetic performance. Her belief is being energetic makes others also energetic. She has been working hard such as shooting TV drama in Kimono and Kyoto and modeling in made uniform.

She actually released CD and her song “Marshmallow kiss(ましゅまろ☆キッス)” is with her desire to deliver her platonic love to her boyfriend along with cheerful voice. It is recommended to listen to her speed other than song. It’s cute.

To tell the truth, I have a card of Kirari among others. I take good care of a card with Kirari in Gothic style dress because her attacking power becomes increased and the dress is very wonderful.

Among Japanese fans, she appears likes a giant or the last boss but it should not be, she is only tall.

But as the new card releases, her height grows up about 1 cm every time. Is it possible she will be 2 m or more height? An idol with 2 m height, whoop, that new isn’t it!

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