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As for the established hero of Sword Art Online, it is Kirito who has this reputation. In Japan, everyone looks up to Kirito and shows respect for him by addressing him as Kirito-san.

In the first season, he participated in a unit of the front as an ace, and beaten strong enemies one after another.In all characters, only Kirito has a skill which allows him to use two swords at the same time, and with it, he rescued all the participants, who tried to conquer Dungeons.

In the last battle, You would be impressed with Kirito-san’s dashing dialogue. No wonder Asuna falls for Kirito.

Also in the second cool, he fights with all his might in order to rescue Asuna. Kirito-san is dead serious. His last battle truly moves you. He explodes his fury against his enemy’s atrocities and mistreatment of Asuna.

There are many Kirito products on the market. You can smile to yourself reading up on Asuna and Kirito in Dojinshi. You can also wear impressive goods.

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