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When talking about Sword Art Online, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that Asuna is the point. I watch the anime for Asuna. Strong, kind, cute, family-oriented, and earnest. She's an amazing superheroine.

In the first Cool, she was charming during her battle with Kirito, but her charm really showed itself in the second Cool. If she was your average heroine, confined and living in sadness, she would just wait for someone to save her, but Asuna is different.

She works hard in order to escape her situation. Seeing her this way, she is truly a perfect heroine! I admire her.

I couldn't stop crying at the way she worried only about Kirito when Asuna herself was driven to the wall and found herself in a desperate situation.

Most of the character goods and Doujinshi feature Asuna as well. Everyone loves Asuna.

Now, you should get yourself some Asuna items and lead a happy life!

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