Natsume Kyousuke

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He is the only third grader in Little Bastards, who is the tallest as well.

His initial title is "the leader who turns routines into missions". Like his nickname, he tries to enjoy even the petty concerns of daily life involving the members into his weird but exciting "MISSIONS".

He is so good-looking that he is super popular among girls; some of them even bother to visit his class just to see him. However, it changes when he opens his mouth. In fact, he really likes silly stuffs and acts as if he had no common sense. Definitely, you can’t judge a book by its cover!

After all, he came back to scholl to built a baseball team during his recruiting activities. How stupid!

He places his confidence in Riki and Mio expect that they are good for each other. They are perverts, aren't they?

However, he assumes a role of brother, worring about his sister Natsume Rin and willing to offer consultation from other members. Other members put a strong faith in him and very active, it is no exaggeration to say that he is another central character. He is a pretty cool guy.

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