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Levi, of his popularity almost equal to Mikasa, is very good looking person, and also called the last great soldier in mankind. He is rather small with height 160 cm and weight 65 kg. Well, As soldier Simo Häyhä, called the best sniper, was only 150 cm in height and that not be a disadvantage. However, Mikasa sometimes called Levi as “Hey, little boy”. Mikasa is incredible, he just calls a strong soldier among mankind as a little boy….

In these days, event only for Levi is planning to be held, and there are many people impressed by Levi because of gap between a little boy and strong soldier. Yap, what will be carrying on at the site?....

He, be true to his name, defeats two giants in an instant. His level of strength is beyond the human level as we ashamed to call him human. He was originally an out who has been an unfriendly and very sarcastic person. However, he sometimes show his face in other side such as obedience of rules and ranking, and take Eren into his unit for her protection. He looks like an old fashioned hard-line chav.

By the way, his character is based on a character Roshacha appears in American comic book “WATCHMEN”. As you can imagine, his popular item is Dojinshi as same as Eren.

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