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‘You wanna bring me up?’ Annoying, lame, and creepy... Yep, he is the triple threat, second oldest son of Matsuno family, Karamatsu!

I have to say that Karamatsu is such a “lame” character, who we can rarely see in this modern world!!! So, the word “lame” here means that we feel pitiful to see the gap between him thinking he’s cool and other people objectively thinking he’s having no common sense.

What represents Karamatsu’s lameness most is his outfit! He seems to be particular about his appearance (fashion) among his other brothers, along with Todomatsu but.... He wears a leather jacket, sunglasses and color-contact lenses!!! Why color-contact lenses with sunglasses on?!! <●><●> He tries to look cool with that leather jacket even when he goes fishing where only old guys are.

What’s more? He takes strange behaviors such as putting a love letter on the fishing pole as a bait in episode 2 or showing up with a bathrobe on when he was invited to Toto-chan’s house in episode 4($・・)/~~ ‘I love silence and solitude.’ ‘Humph... it’s crazy, huh? What a compliment...’ I love what he says!!!! Don’t you think somewhere in your heart will get hurt.....? (>_<)

Even though he’s narcissist, trying to be cool, he actually has a fragile heart being mentally weak! He loses his nerve when he is treated violently or is surprised by someone, even though he seems okay with offensive language. He’s lame, you know?

He is treated completely violent by his brothers; being thrown down to the river by Osomatsu , being grabbed by the collar by Ichimatsu, even though he saved him, and getting bloody when Todomatsu threw the menu at him at work... Plus, his lame behavior or remarks are ignored by his brothers most of the time. Poor Karamatsu.... But Jūshimatsu always sing songs with him!!! As you can see the episode where he carried Ichimatsu on his back even after he was grabbed by the collar by him, he always cares for his brothers. ( *´艸`)

When you watch Osomatsu-san, don’t forget to check out the ending theme that changes in every episode, besides each story! They are so awesome and you can enjoy exploring each character’s new side there!!! Here’s one of Karamatsu’s lines there: ‘No responsibilities, no becoming independent. I’m not gonna leave my parents’ house!’ Wow, he’s such trash, isn’t he? But that’s him though! He’s awesome!! He said it knowing that he’s making use of his position being the second oldest of all...!!

But at the same time, I think he is just a common-sense man who cares about people if he doesn’t take strange behaviors, even though he takes lame behaviors most of the time because of his excessive narcissism. Maybe he is a pitiful cool guy?

Even though I kept calling him a lame guy, he actually has another charm.... If you wanna know him more deeply, don’t miss episode 5!!!

There are two stories in episode 5: 1.Chibita kidnaps Karamatsu to make him pay piled up debt for Oden. 2. Stories about Ichimatsu, Jūshimatsu and a cat which understands human’s mind. They are separated but I really want you to watch both stories at the same time! It’s up to you if you think how Karamatsu is treated by his brothers is funny or sorry(´・ω・`)!!!

Are you curious about Karamatsu now? Then you’re already one of the Karamatsu girls!!! (Karamatsu girls are people who love Karamatsu too much) Make sure you watch it!!! I bet you will want to bring him up after watching it!

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