Muto Yugi

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Muto Yugi

Yugi Muto (the hero of "Yu-Gi-Oh") solves the Millennium Puzzle, which he found in pieces at a warehouse of his grandfather, and he is thereby possessed by a spirit of a Pharaoh of ancient Egypt.
However, the Pharaoh has lost his memory. This is the story of the Pharaoh who will regain his lost memory through a card game.

Yugi is a shy and socially awkward but good-hearted boy. He gives his winner's prize to Jonouchi Katsuya, one of his friend, who needs money for his sister's surgery, and this represents his kindness.

Moreover, I urge you to see Yugi's change to be accustomed to people as story goes forward, and his growth for getting vigorous rapidly!

On the other hand Pharaoh is so confident that he sometimes dashes. But in the same time he also is compassionate to his friends. Pharaoh is so cool at any rate that I intently gaze him during a Duel. Especially I was fascinated as I heard his saying, "Your turn won't come no more !" Furthermore don't miss his brave behavior to keep on fighting perseveringly on a Duel, even under overwhelmingly disadvantageous situation !

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