Yuki Judai

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Yuki Judai

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX draws daily life happening in the campus called Duel Academia which brings duelists up.

The main character of GX is a boy Yuki Judai , he's awesomely positive and cheerful.
And he cares about his friends. He dived into the duel which he didn't need to participate and laid him being expelled on the line. He made a win and prevented his friend from being expelled. I really felt his kindness.

I recommend two points to you!
One is the scene drawn in the begging of the story: Manjoume Jun, one of Judai's friends, grows up. He is a excellent student.

But since he has two big brothers who are elites, Manjoume Jun himself would do anything in order to win the duels, so he can be an elite and not get pointed at from his brothers. But looking at Manjoume Jun who gradually gets reformed while having battles with Judai is great!

The second point is, more than anything, the battle between Muto Yugi and Judai depicted in the graduation duel!!! The main character of the previous series appearing is exciting enough, but with the duels with Judai, the entertainment goes up dramatically! Why don’t you take a look at the duel between the main characters?

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