Tsukumo Yuma

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Tsukumo Yuma

One day, the main character Tsukumo Yuma acquired a piece called Emperor's key. And then, A spirit called Astral possessed Yuma.
ButAstral does not have any memories of self and Yuma is going to help to regain Astral's memory. To regain memories back he needs to collect Number's cards. Yuma is going to develop duels in order to collect Number's cards.

Yuma is mischievous in nature and likes to take a chance.
But he challenges and fails again and again. He is reckless like challenging 30 steps of vaulting horses for example. But I admire how great his challenges are without having any fear of failing.

At first, Yuma and Astral did not understand each other but as story progresses their mutual understanding deepens, you will see how Yuma grows up which is very nice to pay attention to!

There is many Doujinshi like Yuma, Astral, Kamishiro Ryoga and Tenjo Kaito in ZEXAL! Especially if you are Ryoga's fan, please check it!

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