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Morgiana is a heroine of this story, at the same time, she was the most manly in character among the trio of her, Alibaba and Aladdin.

When she met Aladdin for the first time, she was a slave, but now she is a descendant of Fanalis.

However, after she was emancipate from slavery by the assistance of Alibaba, she started on a journey together to help them out.

She is good at martial arts and has a fine sense of smell, and also sense danger through instinct. She is the strong and dependable heroin.

Since she had been a slave, she showed little expression at first even after she got free.

But recently she smiles and bloats her cheeks when she gets sulky. She's getting cuter as the story progresses!

If you haven't seen Morgiana wearing a dancer's costume, it'll be such a waste!

You can see its beauty in the second opening, so you have to check it out now!

...By the way, it seems like she's falling for Alibaba!

She's not aware of it yet, but when she sees Kougyoku Ren and Alibaba together, she bloats her cheeks! She's so adorable!!

I want her to carry me like a princess, too...!!!

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