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Sharrkan is an allegiant of Sinbad and a character who has a great swordmanship.

He is optimistic, but turns fearfully serious and strict when he teaches swordmanship.

He is trusted bySinbad in his capability of sword and becomes a teacher of Alibaba Saluja who longs to be strong in future.

However, his policy is "Work hard only during working hours" and so he goes to a town for his much-loved drink after work. This makes him a lovely person.

InDoujinshi, he is often involved in troubles which Sinbad causes with Masrur, Yamuraiha and Jafar.

He loves drinking as does Sinbad. And so, he sometimes himself become a cause of problems.

Besides, the relationship with Alibaba Saluja, whom he teaches swrodmanship, is depicted in many books. In some books, they look as if they were brothers or a father and a son because of the big age difference.

Alibaba is depicted as an innocent man in these scenes which make me smile.

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