Hinata Shoyo

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Hinata Shoyo

School: Karasuno High School
Year: 1
Postion: Wing Spiker

Hinata Shoyo is the main character of this story.
He is very lively, forward-looking and hardworking.
He is short, but has great physical abilities such as jumping, moving fast and so on. He shows an amazing combination with Kageyama Tobio .
It stuns other players and coaches.
Besides, he makes difference as "the strongest trap" in a game by making use of his great physical abilities.
However, he sometimes gets sick before games because he is easy to get nervous.

Since Shoyo has fewer experiences in playing volleyball in real games than other players, his level is just slightly above normal people. But I am curious about how he can grow up from now.
Besides, he is very honest and relaxes other people.

In the story, Tobio often makes combination with him and so we can see Syouyou and Tobio together in many scenes in Doujinshi .

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