Sugawara Koushi

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Susawara Koushi

School: Karasuno High School
Year: 3

Sugawara Koushi is the vice captain of the volleyball team and he is in the setter position just like Tobio.
He is really kind and caring and there was a time that he joined Syouyou and Tobio who were practicing behind the scenes.
His teammates call him 'Suga' and he is very trusted.

I like Koushi the most out of all the Haikyuu characters.
He has a very attractive personality as he is kind and takes care of his juniors.

Also, it is very cool how he suggests his coach that he should let Tobio play in the game because he is talented.

As Tobio plays in most of the games as the main setter, we don't get to see Koushi play in the game. Personally, I want to see Koushi playing in the game more.

In the story, he holds together the team with the team captain, Daichi . Also he takes care of his juniors, for example, he gives advice to Tobio who struggles to cooperate with others.
So in the Doujinshi you will see him with Daichi and Tobio.

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