Kageyama Tobio

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Kageyama Tobio

School: Karasuno High School
Year: 1
Position: Setter

Kageyama Tobio is a character with genius like abilities. With his strong ability, his toss control is extremely accurate and his true strength is recognized by his coach and seniors.
Also, he has the powerful serve he learned from his junior-high school senior.
Especially his combination with Syouyou is enough to amaze those around him.
While in junior high school he was extremely self-righteous and was named "The King of the Court" by his teammates who did not think of him of very well.
But after entering high school, he became able to cooperate with his teammates through the influence of Syouyou.

I like how Tobio's personality changes.
I have mentioned before but I cannot take my eyes off his mental growth from being isolated in the team as he was self-centered, to starting to open up to others and starts cooperating during the high school years.

As he works together with Syouyou, he often appears together in Doujinshi with him.
Other times he is with Koushi , the Setter and Toru , his senior at junior highschool.

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