Naegi Makoto

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He is a main character of Danganronpa 1 and he is the most powerless character among 15 students.But he becomes attractive more and more as the story progresses.

He is handled by a voice actor same as Shinji of Rebuild of Evangelion, so he is a little nervous and too kind character.

But it is the most fascination of him and he is loved from many characters in Doujinshi.I like the combination with Komaeda Nagito among many characters!Because two of them are in the same “title” as the voice actors, they often get together in Doujinshi.

I like the combination with Hinata Hajime too. Please check them!

I love the scene of Class Trial at last in Danganronpa 1. The scene which classmates decide to stand against “despair” by the action of Makoto is impressive.According to the words of Kirigiri Kyouko, I realized that “Makoto is a little more positive than other characters” again!

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