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Higashikata Josuke is a main character appearing in Jojo Part 4: Diamond Is Unbreakable., which is the fourth story arc of the Japanese manga series |JoJo's Bizarre Adventure! People tend to misunderstand that he is a wicked person from his appearance with his gay uniform and a ducktail-hairstyle... But actually, he is such an attractive boy with justice, courage and kindness, just like main characters appearing in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure!

Then he is a sincere, fine young man? Not always... He sometimes cheats on gambling, becomes petty on money and even goes out of control once he gets angry... Yes, he seems to be following his father’s character!

But! That’s one of his charms! His character being kind, cheerful and caring is loved by not only his classmates but all the fans in the world! If I could choose one among all the main characters which have appeared before, as my friend, I would definitely choose this ‘playful’ boy! Why? Because I would surely be able to enjoy being with him every day!

He, a main character of Jojo Part 4: Diamond Is Unbreakable., certainly has “Stand ability” as well, which is also his alter ego! The name is “Crazy Diamond”! This Stand is especially good at close combats along with power and speed. In some parts, it’s similar to Josuke’s Stand, “Star Platinum” appearing in Jojo Part 3, but this one is more particular on ability! Guess what...? Those abilities can “fix broken things and cure injuries”!

Mmm... Ehhh...? It sounds like a heroine in manga or a wizard being good at playing tricks, doesn’t it? It’s indeed able to cure peoples’ injuries, but it’s rather be able to ‘fix things’ in a wide range!

・Put cooked dishes back to the original ingredients
・Look for the things you have lost with their broken pieces
・Fix broken debris and put them back into a shield instantly
・Destroy a bike that he was riding, jump over the obstacles with those broken parts, instantly put everything back into the original bike when he lands, and keep driving without any injuries

Something like these... This ‘Stand’ is full of abilities and very useful if we’ve got good ideas! Not only was I surprised that it can put cooked dishes back to the original ingredients but I also thought it so convenient that it can look for things you have lost with their broken pieces! In the story, he was actually using it when chasing the criminal. Awww... I want it to look for the stuff I’ve lost with some clues too... I might be scolded, ‘Don’t use it for such a thing!’ though...

Anyways, Josuke is smart, playful and courageous! Since he’s so popular among all the historical main characters, you should watch him in anime! I’m not saying that you should like him, though. But I’m telling you guys, you’ll like him as you keep watching the stories!

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