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Sendou Aichi

He is the main character of this story, who is very timid but kind to others.
As a Card Fighter, he respects Kai Toshiki and considers Kai Toshiki as his ultimate goal.

Aichi has a cute little sister named Sendou Emi, who is so responsible that you wouldn't think she's just an elementary student. She constantly worries about her brother.

Aichi fought in the regional and national Vanguard Fight team tournament as a member of TeamQ4 along with Kai Toshiki,Katsuragi Kamui, and Tokura Misaki.

At first Aichi was quite passive and wasn't able to blend in with the people around him.
But, through Vanguard Fight, Aichi's eyes and way of thinking gradually changed, and he became close with characters like Morikawa Katsumi and Miwa Taishi, making his growth as a character evident.

When you see him not giving up on fights until the end, you'd want to cheer for him as well. So I'd like you keep watching his growth through the story!

Aichi has a lot of Doujinshi, and he's usually paired with Kai Toshiki and Suzugamori Ren, so for those who are interested please check them out!

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