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Kai Toshiki

Kai has a cool and calm personality. In Vanguard Fight, he has a strong efficiency that can overwhelm the surroundings. Also, Kai is a boy for whom Sendou Aichi feels respect as a vangard fighter.

Although it was a Team tournament, Kai had no sense of comradery towards the other members at first.
But, as the story progressed, he had uttered deep and touching words that made me think he gradually developed his sense of comradery with his teammates.

For me personally, Kai was really cool when Sendou Aichi was engulfed by the darkness of Psyquoria and his personality was changed, and Kai fought to bring him back to the way he used to be.I'd definitely want you to see the scene where Kai tried to convince Sendou Aichi through the Vanguard Fight!

His interaction with Suzugamori Ren is a must-see as well.You'll be able to see why Kai Toshiki, who used to be cheerful back in the days, had become the character he is now.

Kai Toshiki has the most number of Doujinshi among the Vanguard, so Kai Toshiki fans must be on the look-out! Majority of the Doujinshi are made of stories with Sendou Aichi, so please check them out!

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