[Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Roronoa Zoro

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He is a swordsman who wants to be the world's strongest.

He is Luffy's first friend in the Straw Hat Pirates. He is usually calm but hopelessly bad at direction. This often brings him into trouble.

He fights as a swordsman with three swords and uses his mouth as well as his hands. His unique way of fighting style surely leaves a great impression for the first-timers!

You can find lots of action figures and costumes of him. The action figures come in different costumes. He is the most fashionable one in the team!!

My favorite scene is the one with Mihawk. Mihawk is the world's strongest swordsman and also the biggest rival of Zoro. He is usually calm and quiet, but he shows his aggressiveness to be the world's strongest in front of Mihawk.

The most memorable scenes are the duel scene and the reunion scene. I can't tell you the details here but you will see Zoro you never knew especially in the latter scene.

Zoro is the most Japanese like character and it seems he is the most popular one among the Japanese. He is the "Mr.Bushido".

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