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Sanji is a chef among the gang that fights with his kick.

He is hard on men but gentle toward women. At battle, he fights mainly with his kicks but he never attacks women. Even if he is attacked, he would not fight back and sometimes that would impress even his enemies.

Also, he often uses clever strategy like Nami or Robin to take advantage, and there have been cases his fellows could get out from trouble because of his intelligence!

His goods include a lot of figures. He is also known for a lot of Doujinshi on him, compared to other characters.There are many books with Zoro, Nami, and Luffy. Personally I like the books with Nami or Robin!He is a gentle person so he is cool!

He actually published a book called "Pirate Recipes" and you can see his real recipes on the book!! The book has more than 40 recipies including meat with bone or Pirate Bento. It has made a huge sales in Japan since it's publish so check it out!

I think his attractiveness comes from the fact that he is so strong that he would never change what he has decided.

He has never vent his principle such as "never attack women", "only use kicks at fight (hands are for cooking)" and "share food with hungry ones even if he is a bad guy". Because he sticks with his principle, he has been put into so many troubles. But the fact that he still does not vend his principle in midst of those troubles make him a cool and unique character that is different from Zoro or Luffy.

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