Ikari Shinji

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He is a center character of this anime who is surrounded by many beautiful ladies ad girls and raised flags but finally ran toward Adonis. It is unusual for central character, he is basically loser. But sometimes, he is adjusted as central character and comes to himself. He is a pilot of Evangelion Unit-01 and third child (Ayanami is first and Asuka is second). He is born on June 6 and can play the cello. So cool!

His father is the head of NERV Gendou and mother is Yui who became incorporated into unit-01 voluntary. Therefore, it is natural Shinji synchronizes with Unit-01 perfectly.
He is not comfortable with his father but he want to be loved by his father at heart. 14 years old is the age being socially clumsy. He is the person who caused near third impact. Due to this, he rejected by many people. Where it goes from here? The cause of near third impact was his relationship with Rei which is similar to dependence. I think codependence is a big problem of modern society and this is a metaphor (I may think too much).

He is unmanly and efeminine like me! My girlfriend often says I’m feminine. The difference between me and Shinji is that Shinji is good at cooking. This might be the cause that the relationship between Shinji and Kaworu looks slashish. I know you like it! However, Kaworu looks effeminine too so it is not enough for you guys who like heavy homosexual. On the other hand, he is set as good-looking boy. There is a scene of shrill voice from swim wear girls during physical education class. He said popular quotes such as “Why don't you just try to smiling?” and “I must not run away, I must not run away, I must not run away...”

We’re looking forward his future development!!

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