Midousuji Akira

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Midousuji Akira
Road bike used: De Rosa
Freshman at Kyoutofushimi High School

Although being a freshman, he is an ace of his team. He quarrels with Imaizumi Syunsuke , a friend of Onoda Sakamichi.
His distinctive features are his tallness, long arms and legs, and even teeth.
He only sees victory; he does not hesitate to interfere opponents and even sacrifices his team mates to win.
Yet, he actually has real ability including speed, strategy, and mentality; making Souhoku High School suffer.

Since childhood he biked long distance to visit her ill mother, but after facing her death, he gradually developed racing style fixated to victory.

Though he is a complete villain with otherworldly looks, his great ability suffers Souhoku many times. But because of his ability, he is one of the most popular characters.
His treacherous expression is remarkable in the anime.

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