Sanada Genichirou

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School:captain of Rikkaidai
Play style:All-rounder

He's the sub-manager of the rival school Tachiumi Unuversity High School, and one of the big three (Yukimura Seiichi, Genichiro Sanada, and Yanagi Renzi).
He's strict with people around him, and his motto is be stricter with yourself.
Also, he looks older and sounds older than his age. He looks adult even though he's a junior high school student.

His playing style is unlike Atobe's super aggressive style. He overwhelms opponents by appling himself to their playing styles.
His deadly technique is "Furinkazan" on the motif of the military flag of Shingen Takeda, a Japanese Samurai in Sengoku Era. He utilizes different styles such as "Wind", "Forest", "Fire" and "Mountain" depending on the opponent's style.

While Seiichi Yukimura, the chief, is in a hospital, he takes a lead of the team of captain of Rikkaidai to victories, waiting for Seiichi's recovery.

In Dojinshi, he often appears with Yukimura Seiichi and Kirihara Akaya of the same school.

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