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Kyubey is this work's mascot character, who has a very different impression before watching this anime and after.

Though his appearance is very adorable, his expression almost never changes. The popular phrase of the Japanese internet in 2011 that won the big prize, "I want you to form a contract with me and become magical girls!!" is one of Kyuubey's lines.

I can say with confidence that his degree of recognition is very high, and there are many items of him such as tableware, cushions and soft toys that other characters do not have!

In Doujinshi, for some reason, he often receives attacks from a variety of characters. In particular, he is often persistently attacked by Homura Akemi, as if trying to not even leave one piece of rubbish behind, though Homura has a scene like this in the anime too.

Why is he being attacked like this... For those who don't know, please by all means check the anime!His charm grows especially from the second half of the story!As well, there are also many doujinshi that are more slanted than expected that have Kyuubey personified in them.

His existence is directly related to a big secret of this story, so I cannot write much about it, but Kyuubey has individual opinions and works that way. Because it is really only his appearance that is cute, please, everyone be healed by Kyuubey's appearance!

In Japan, there are many items in places like Akihabara that only have his face.In actuality, Kyuubey is popular to the point that even my friends who do not know much about anime wark around with clear files that have his face on it!

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