Kyoko Sakura

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Kyoko Sakura is a slightly aggressive girl, but she is kinder than anyone.

She is good at battle compared to other characters and her words and facial expression give a cold impression to others. That is because in the past she used to be very kind, but her kindness invited tragedy. She sees her past in Sayaka's current situation, so that is why she gets involved with Sayaka more than any other characters.

In most of her scenes in the animation, you will see her eating sweets, so in Doujinshi or for an item, you will often see her eating.

And unlike Madoka and Homura, she doesn't go to school, so there are parody versions of the book in which she goes to school!

When she first appeared, in Japan there was certain period when we didn't know if her name was Kyoko or Anko, because her name was shown as "杏子". Therefore, there are some fans among Japanese fans who call her Anko, so if you see the name Anko, please remember her!

...She doesn't act like a girls much, but her swim wear in figure is very cute!

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