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DIABOLIK LOVERS is an otome game from otomate, the company which sells Hakuouki and AMNESIA.
Komori Yui, who is the herion of this story, stays at a mansion due to her father’s transfer. She meets Sakamaki six brothers of great individuality. They look like ordinary human being but they are vampire in reality.
This story has distinctive atmosphere among otome game since this is about vampire. You may think this might be a horror story but it is not! There are many mysteries from episode 1. Attractive good-looking male characters draw you to the world view!
Since this is a 15-minutes anime, if you have any interest in this anime, why don’t you watch it? Of course, I’d like otome game fans to watch this anime too! At the time of episode 1, I am very curious about Sakamaki Shu. I cannot wait to see how Shu will perform from now on! Please find your favorite character from Sakamaki brothers!

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