Splatoon (スプラトゥーン)

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“Why squidon’t we repaint the world!?”

Splatoon is a “Shooting Action Game” which was released from Nintendo in May, 2015! It was the most popular TV game and has become a huge hit, selling 2,420,000 throughout the whole world!

It’s a game, in which, the player becomes a squid-like character, called Inkling, and repaints the site to the color of the player’s team with ink (squid ink)!

It might sound simple to you but actually, there is a deep secret hidden in this game! Since this game corresponds to online multi-play of 4-on-4, it allows everybody in the world to play simultaneously!

What’s more? The player can choose a “weapon” out of 50 types of variation, to paint the site. Yes, the player always has to think about “how squi-good they can spread the site”!

Not only the stage, game type, rank limitation and multi-game mode such as limited-time team competition festival but it also has an individual-game mode such as street mode or mission mode...!! Splatoon is a shooting game, in which anybody can casually play with people from all over the world!!!

(゜∇ ゜)… Now you know the basic information about this game but are we, beginners, really able to play it at ease...? I was a little worried but I tried anyways!

(*´・∀・) For the first hour, I tried a solo-play, having difficulty in the unfamiliar operation! I enjoyed looking for the best weapon for me, trying various kinds of weapons! By the way, my favorites were Splattershot and Roller!!

I met Roller when I got used to Splattershot but the Roller is much better when it comes to exhilarating feelings!!!! When I’ve got comfortable to this game, I tried online multi-play, even though I was a little scared of it!

(^ω^) Well, how was it...? You’ll see. Even though I’m not good at this kind of action game and haven’t been able to win many times, you have to know that “Even people who are poor at playing games can contribute to the victory” in this game!!!! In short, not ‘the score that we defeat the enemies’ but ‘the area where we paint with the ink’ matters in this game.

That’s why I focused on spreading my site as much as possible, instead of defeating the enemies since I’m not good at fighting! As a result, my team has won, which made me so happy! (Actually, there’s more possibility to win if we go up to the front line and paint the enemy’s site, though! Cut me some slack!)

Now I’m getting used to going up to the front line and I’ve realized how interesting Splatoon is even more! You’ll be addicted to it! You’ll enjoy even more if you play it with your friends! Why don’t you try it with your own style, even if you are not good at playing games? You’ll surely realize how fun this game is when you’ve got used to it!

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