[Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Kougami Shinya

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Kougami Shinya

He is the main character of this story, and known as Hound three.

Originally, he was an elite inspector, but in the wake of an incident which increased the crime rate, he became a court enforcement officer. So I became former co-workers with Ginoza Nobuchika.

Between Shinya and Nobuchika, they trust each other but sometimes there are glimpse of awkwardness. Incidentally, two people with such relationship are famous among coterie writers.

His appeal after all seem to be his tough body! His movement scenes in the animation are only of him working out or fighting, which is not exaggerating to say that.

He is being loved by the heroin Tsunemori Akane, but whether they realize or not that feeling for one another,.

In any case, I want to be hold by someone slim and tough(>_<) Any beautiful girl who has this desire would probably fall for him within seconds! Even I who's a man can think of wanting to be hold by him(>_<)!

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