Tsunemori Akane

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Tsunemori Akane

She is super cute.
She is sometimes called Shepherd Two. Let me repeat it - she is SUPER cute. BUT! she completed the training course summa cum laude, has a strong mental enough to endure psychopathic influence and a great sense of justice.

Indeed, she must be the elite of elites... BUT! here we face another reversal; she is so naive and clumsy that she cannot take advantage of her strong points. However, I think this side of her makes her even cuter...

She is interested in Kagari Shusei of the executive branch. She has plenty of chances to work with him, therefore, it will be absorbing to see what will happen between the two! This couple is popular in coterie magazines as well.

It is said that a clever falcon hides his claws; then, what about in her case? Well, whatever happens, there is no change in the fact that she is cute!

In addition, the voice actress for her role is Kana Hanazawa, my favorite. She is very cute as well. (She is one of the top voice actresses in Japan, who has taken roles of Nadeko Sengoku in Nisemonogatari and Kougyoku Ren in Magi.)

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