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"PSYCHO-PASS" is a sci-fi action suspense anime television series that used to be broadcasted at midnight ( Noitamina).
It depicted the conflict of an inspector and enforcers of Unit One who work under the word "police action" but also struggle with inconsistent social systems in the dystopian way.

It has a good tempo of the story and develops the story in a stylish way. The characters are not invincible and it's not a story about morals.
The characters face a social system that decides if someone is a criminal by using their weapons that judge people based on their bodies’ responses. The system doesn’t have the ability to take into account human weakness. Such a plot is attractive us. (o^-^o)

It is set in the year 2112. This world is controlled and managed by a system called "PSYCHO-PASS" that measure people's mental state.
It is used as an indicator for an ideal life, but there is a risk of being apprehended if the index shows a person’s stressed state is too high.
It is very strict with preventing crimes, a person’s crime coefficient (mental state) is measured by a portable psychological diagnosis and suppression system named Dominator. If a person’s crime coefficient is too high, the dominator, which is a gun, unlocks its safety and shots immediately even if the target hasn't committed any crime yet...

Bizarre murders frequently happen. These cases are known as "The Specimen Cases" due to the victims' bodies that were found dismembered.
The members of Unit One try to resolve the mystery, but in fact, it is just a preface of a big plot to jolt the basis of the social system.

The voice actor of the main character, an enforcer called Kogami, is Tomokazu Seki who is famous as voice of Suneo from Doraemon.
Tomokazu is known as a person who acts on instinct and is wild, so his voice is perfect for Kogami who doesn't care about the organization and pushes toward his own goal. (≧ω≦)b

The heroine Akane Tsunemori is a rare character in this kind of stories because she is not good at action.
My first impression of her was "She obviously made a mistake in choosing a job... ( ̄▽ ̄;)" (Sorry, Akane.)
She has some problems as a police officer, such as that she cannot execute people who have possibility to become criminals (a high crime coefficient). ( ̄Д ̄;;However, since she is positive, she accepts the problems and tries to solve them in whatever way she can.
If she didn't enter Unit One, nobody wouldn’t be able to help Kogami and face the inconsistencies of the social system.
The voice actor of this character is Kana Hanazawa who has soft crisp voice.

I personally like Nobuchika Ginoza who is Akane's senior. The interaction between Kogami and Ginoza is a point worthy of note.

He looks cool, but once Kogami comes along, his emotion becomes irrational and mess.
That's because of love for his colleague. LOL (*´∇`*)

He has hatred of people who have possibility to become a criminal (people with high crime coefficients) because his father was one of them and this caused him to be bias against them. Kogami was once a promising youth finally became one of criminals because of his crime coefficient.

He is always at the mercy of Kogami, so I'm worrying that they will be a "hunter" and a "prey" when Kogami is using too much energy to attain his own goal.
Ginoza is anxious about his future so much that he might be a person with a possibility to be a criminal someday.
With such a tension and atmosphere around him puts him on the verge of exploding, and it makes me want to hold him. (≧∇≦)

The chief director of this series is Katsuyuki Motohiro who is famous for a Japanese popular drama series called "Odoru Daisosasen (Bayside Shakedown)", and the main screenwriter is Gen Urobuchi who is known as a writer for "Puella Magi Madoka Magica". What a unique collaboration! (ノ´▽`)ノ
The casts were designed by Akira Amano whose manga "Reborn!" is very popular. They completed the hard suspense anime with the unique world view.

Thank God, they have announced that they would release "PSYCHO-PASS season 2" and a movie.
I'm already looking forward to seeing those characters again♪

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