[Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Kidou Yuuto

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Kidou Yuuto

Position: Midfielder
School: Teikoku Academy Junior High School → Raimon Junior High School

Kidou's distinguishing features are the goggles and a cape.

He doesn't only have the technical skills, but also is a genius with intellectual soccer skills as well. During his match with Senbayama, he was able to analyze the opponent's techniques in a short period of time, and it made me realize how great he is all over again.

Otonashi Haruna is his younger sister, and he's a very caring older brother.

Personally, interaction of Kidou, Sakuma Jirou and Genda Koujirou during the counterattack of the empire has left an impression in me.
The scene where he apologized to Sakuma Jirou and Genda Koujirou, and Kidou's care for his former team members fighting in the tournament while worrying about the other two, really moved me.

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