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Gouenji Shuuya

Position: Forward
School: Raimon Junior High School

A teammate of the main character, Endou Mamoru , he's the ace striker for the same school.
He comes over as cool, but he's truly passionate about soccer, and can't stand to be beat by Mamoru.
After he transfers to Raimon Junior High, Endou Mamoru finds out about his soccer abilities and invites him to join the team.
However, he stubbornly refuses.
In the past, he was so obsessed with soccer that his little sister got into a traffic accident and was put into a coma. As a way of making up for his mistake, he quit playing soccer.
However, seeing Endou Mamoru's passion and feelings toward soccer, he decides to start playing again.
After that, he sees a lot of action as Raimon Junior High's ace.

His secret move is Fire Tornado.
He spins in the air so that his kick turns the ball into a fiery dragon that flies into the goal.
In the anime, he has a combination kick that he does with Someoka , beyond his individual kicks.

He's often seen with Endou Mamoru and Kidou Yuuto .

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