Fudou Akio

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Fudou Akio

Position: Midfielder
School: Shin Teikoku Academy Junior High School →Teikoku Academy Junior High School

He has unique hair style, it looks like a mohawk.

He is the type to do anything to win the game, so sometimes he puts himself in danger,but his skills and tecniques are great and also very discerning.

From an experience when he was a kid, he couldn't trust anyone. And the members if the Inazuma Japan couldn't trust Fudou too.
But as they play on the same team, as a team mate, they start to bond thier trust, and how they help each other out will make you feel your heart beat!

On Doujinshi, it is seen that he is with Kidou Yuuto often. If you have the chance to, please check that out too!

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