Endou Mamoru

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Endou Mamoru

Position: Goal Keeper
School: Raimon Junior High School

The main character of this story is Raimon Junior High's goal keeper.
He always says, "Let's play soccer!"
He's a truly passionate guy. At first, his teammates had no enthusiasm about the sport, but he has managed to convert them and plans to resurrect the soccer club.
With his passion, he has convinced Goenji Shuya and Kidou Yuuto to join his team, aiming for the top of the soccer field.

His special move is God's Hand.
By making a huge right hand behind him, he stops his opponent's shoot.
This is this anime series's representative move, depicted with a compelling force.

In Doujinshi , everyone loves him. Also, in some stories, Endou Mamoru appears as some other character's bride.

He's often found along with Kiyama Hiroto and Kazemaru Ichitaro .

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