Matsukaze Tenma

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Matsukaze Tenma

Position: Mid Fielder
School: Raimon Junior High School

The main character of Inazuma Eleven GO.
He was rescued by Gouenji Shuuya in his childhood, which led him to start playing soccer.
Since nobody around him played soccer, however, he couldn't practice except for dribbling. Whe he joned the Raimon Junior High School, he was still a beginner.
But, he has developed his talent thanks to other members and instruction of Endo Mamoru , a coach of the team.

Many of his deadly techniques are associated with wind. For instance, "Soyokaze Step" is a shot which makes use of wind.
Apart from that, his another powerful technique is to jump high above gound by preconising Pegasus and shoot from there.

He is often with Tsurugi Ryosuke or Shindo Takuto .

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