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・Kaku Seiga

Abilities:Passing through walls
Theme song:Old Yuanxian

Kaku seiga(Seiga Nyan Nyan) is a boss character that appears in Touhou Shinreibyou ~ Ten Desires.
She is a hermit and no one knows where she lives.

She dresses like a hermit but her evil heart made her an evil hermit.
She is very evil and does not care about anything but her own gain.
She is the one that taught Toyosatomimi no Miko and she is regarded as the root cause for all the abnormal changes occurred in Ten Desires.

In a way her personality is pure.
She simply does whatever it is that benefits her or brings her pleasure.
She can sometimes become so charmed by the strength of visions that she'll follow the person around.

She controls the Jiangshi, Miyako Yoshika.She calls her cute and is quite fond of her.
Also, in the game they can attack together.
When this happens, you can defeat Yoshika, but the trick is to keep attacking Seiga, or there's no meaning to it.
Also, once you've defeated Yoshika, the way that Seiga heals her will really make you feel the master-servant love between them.

Of course, many Donjinshi depicts love relationships between Yoshika and her.
Be sure to find a book that goes beyond the relationship between master and servant.
Also, besides Yoshika, she gets involved with other characters such as Futo etc.
They are often depicted as serious characters.
Dojinshi often goes into the details that do not appear in the original, so highly recommended.

She is often with characters like Miyako Yoshika, Mononobe no Futo, Toyosatomimi no Miko etc.

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