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Toushiro Hijikata is the vice commander of the Shinsengumi, and is a young man who likes mayonnaise to the extent of being abnormal.

He is called "Demonic Vice Commander" by the people around him, his pupils are dilated, and though his appearance is cool, he's scary.

However, there are also times when he absolutely relies on Kondou Isao, or casually follows his subordinates or boss, and though he's not a cool headed person, his true nature can be considered as that of a kind person.

"Cigarettes" and "Mayonnaise" are character items of his.Even in the anime, he's attached to strap and towels almost as it's depicted. Also, in the past, there was a time when he had hair log enough to make a ponytail. (It's really cool!)

In the Doujinshi, there are many books with gags of him arguing with his rival Sakata Gintoki or his subordinate Okita Sougo character type being a "tukkomi" and the other two being "boke", they're really compatible! He also makes appearances in books which depict his encounter with Isao, or parody books depicting his school life.

His charm lies in the fact that, even though he may not say it, he worries about others, and is able to take action even risking his own life.This is very similar to Sakata Gintoki, so maybe that's the reason they fight so much.

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