GIRLS-und-PANZER (ガールズ&パンツァー)

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GIRLS-und-PANZER is an anime which was broadcasted from October 2012. It's crazy setup sparked a boom. It says tank is a maidenly grace. By accomplishing tank, girls will be vigorous in body and in mind.
From this stupid setup, I expected it would be a sloppy story but it is actually shocking. I can see staff's spirit from well-produced image and fussy sounds. It is meticulous about reality. The sound of a tank going up to the deck, blast sound, fluctuation of iron bridge and cracked ground make me feel like real. If you think it is a stupid Yuri anime, you have another think coming.

By the way, Oarai town, Ibaragi prefecture, which is a small town with 17,000 populations, forms the setting of this anime. This town bustles with tourists thanks to this anime. Not only anime fans but also local government build up excitement. State-of-the-art tank of Japanese Self Defense Force was the guest at the last event. I worry for the future of Japan.

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